How To Configure OPNsense Port Forwarding?

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In the last blog, we have configured Opnsense on VirtualBox, in this blog we are going to take a look at how we can configure port forwarding with Opnsense firewall. As you know, the Opnsense firewall would block any connections that come from the external/public internet. And we can use Opnsense port forwarding to allow certain ports from the external … Read More

What is my public IP address?

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Your public IP address is: What is this public IP? Public or external IP addresses are those addresses that are routed on the internet. It can be IPv4 or IPv6. And it is a unique address assigned by the internet service providers. And most internet users are connected behind a single public IP address except for some enterprise users who … Read More

How To Install OPNsense On Virtualbox?

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If you think about an open-source firewall the first two names that come to your mind would be Opnsense and PfSense firewalls. I have installed pfSense on my old machine and I am still using it and it works great. When I first heard about the Opnsense firewall I thought let me spin them up in my old machine replacing … Read More

How To Configure OpenVPN On PfSense?

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PfSense is great for small offices and even for some of the enterprise networks and most importantly it is a piece of budget-friendly network equipment. If you wanted dedicated hardware and support for your business, you have that option too. You could get Netgate hardware and their paid support or You can even go for a free option which is … Read More

How to setup Globalprotect VPN on Paloalto?

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In The last few blogs, we have built a small lab using the Paloalto firewall in gns3, connected the firewall to the internet, and allowed the internal users to the internet. In this blog, we are going to set up and configure a Global protect VPN on a Palo alto firewall and allow remote users to access the internal resources … Read More

How To Configure PfSense Port Forwarding?

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Port forwarding is one of the features that is useful if you wanted to allow the external users to specific ports on the LAN side or inside the network. And many people get confused when it comes to the port forwarding configuration on the firewall. In this blog, we are going to configure the port forwarding feature using the pfSense … Read More

Gns3 Common Errors And How To Fix Them.?

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GNS3 software is great. You can build most of the network labs and POC’s with it. I even build an SD-WAN lab in it. However, the problem is that it is based on opensource software, so you will get some issues here and there when you start to use it. Like any other open-source projects, you have GNS3 community forums … Read More

How To Configure Static Route In Windows?

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Have you ever connected to a VPN and realize that you cannot access some of the network resources that you have at home? Maybe you are not able to access Printer in your local network, or something else. And other situation is you have a windows machine that is connected to two different networks and you Are not able to … Read More

How do I install Windows 10 alongside Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu is one of my favorite Linux distro, but I love windows 10 as well. I was using one of my windows machines as my main operating system, as I also needed Ubuntu, I used to virtualize Ubuntu on a VMware workstation. It was going well until I decided to use GNS3 on my windows machine. I was using GNS3 … Read More

How To Enable SSH Access On Linux Mint?

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In Linux mint the ssh service is not enabled by default, you need to enable the service manually. In this blog, we are going to enable ssh service on the Linux mint and to secure the access we will go ahead and change the default port and also allow specific users to the ssh service. What does SSH stand for … Read More

How To Prioritize Your PC For Wifi On Windows 10?

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Most of the home networks nowadays use mainly Wi-Fi, and we rarely get to see the wired connection directly to the machine. By default, when you connect to both the Wi-Fi and the ethernet cable, the windows machine would priorities the ethernet connection over the wifi.If you check the routing table, you should be able to see two default routes, … Read More

How To Deploy Linux Mint On VirtualBox?

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The Linux mint is getting more popular and it is gaining same popularity as the Ubuntu Desktop once had. Some of the Ubuntu users even started using Linux mint. Though both operating systems are great with respect to usability, it is hard to predict which one is better over the other. That is still a debatable question. Some users love … Read More

What is SNMP and how it works?

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In a big network environment where you have hundreds or even thousands of devices connected, anything can go wrong at any point in time. So as a network or system engineer it’s your responsibility to make sure that all the systems are up and working at all times. In case anything goes wrong you need to find out what is … Read More

How To Extend Windows Storage in KVM ?

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extend windows storage in kvm

I have one windows machine that I use as an alternate operating system in my Linux KVM. Recently I noticed that the C drive in my windows got filled up and there is not enough space left to store any more data. If you have a physical box then it is a little difficult, as you have to expand your … Read More

How Do I Turn My Old Computer Into A Firewall?

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The last blog, we have spun up a pfSense firewall in KVM and made to work as a consumer router replacement. Though it worked fine, the performance was not so great. hence, I decided to build an old spare laptop to work as a pfSense firewall. And when you convert your old pc to the PfSense box, how the performance … Read More

How To Install Pfsense On KVM?

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The Pfsense firewall is a good alternative for your home network router. It can even replace the high-end commercial routers at the enterprise network as well. Moreover, it is opensource and free too, Unless you are opting for support from netgate. Can I install pfSense on Ubuntu? The Pfsense is an open-source firewall based on FreeBSD operating system, and since … Read More

How to Setup IPsec Tunnel between Paloalto and PFsense?

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In a world where everything connected over the internet, it is quite common that we get to see many enterprise users connect the branch offices via the IPsec VPN.  Moreover, the internet connection is getting cheaper and cheaper now as compared to the dedicated links. That is one of the reasons too the SD-WAN is becoming popular as well. Connecting … Read More

How To Configure Netplan Network? – Examples

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ubuntu netplan configuration

Ever since Ubuntu changed it’s network configuration utility to netplan from the traditional configuration, many of them got so upset. Some of them are very annoyed to the point they even entirely removed the netplan and installed ifupdown back into the system. So is Ubuntu Netplan going to stay ?, if yes shouldn’t we learn how to configure them on … Read More

The DHCP DORA Process Explained – With Packet Capture.

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How does DHCP work in the network? Before we answer that question, we need to understand the different ways of configuring the IP addresses.You could use either DHCP or static IP configuration. You might already know the configuration of IP address statically on a computer. It requires you to go to the network properties of the network hosts and manually … Read More

How does the Address Resolution Protocol ARP work?

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What is Arp protocol

If you are new to networking you must have heard the term called ARP protocol – address resolution protocol many times.You may be wondering or even confused. Well, what is the ARP protocol and how ARP works in the real world? Before we talk about how arp works we need to know something called a mac address first. What does … Read More