ubuntu netplan configuration

How To Configure Netplan Network? – LAB Examples

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Ever since Ubuntu changed its network configuration utility to netplan from the traditional configuration, many of them got so upset. Some of them are very annoyed that they even entirely removed the netplan and installed ifupdown back into the system. So is Ubuntu Netplan going to stay ?, if yes shouldn’t we learn how to configure them on our Ubuntu …

How to Dual Boot Ubuntu Windows 10?

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Ubuntu is one of my favorite Linux distros, but I love windows 10 as well. I used one of my windows machines as my main operating system, as I also needed Ubuntu. I used to virtualize Ubuntu on a VMware workstation. It was going well until I decided to use GNS3 on my windows machine. I was using GNS3 with …

How To Enable SSH Access On Linux Mint?

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In Linux mint the ssh service is not enabled by default, you need to enable the service manually. In this blog, we are going to enable ssh service on the Linux mint and to secure the access we will go ahead and change the default port and also allow specific users to the ssh service. What does SSH stand for …

ntp configuration on Centos, Redhat and Ubuntu

How To Setup NTP Server In Linux? (Centos, Rhel, Ubuntu)

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If you have a Linux machine (Ubuntu, Centos, Redhat) running in your environment and you would want to configure them as an NTP server it is pretty easy. In our last blog, we took a look at what is NTP and how to configure the public and private NTP servers using network routers. In this blog, we are going to …

How To Deploy Linux Mint On VirtualBox?

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The Linux mint is getting more popular and it is gaining same popularity as the Ubuntu Desktop once had. Some of the Ubuntu users even started using Linux mint. Though both operating systems are great with respect to usability, it is hard to predict which one is better over the other. That is still a debatable question. Some users love …

extend windows storage in kvm

How To Extend Windows Storage in KVM ?

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I have one windows machine that I use as an alternate operating system in my Linux KVM. Recently I noticed that the C drive in my windows got filled up and there is not enough space left to store any more data. If you have a physical box then it is a little difficult, as you have to expand your …

How To Install Pfsense On KVM?

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The Pfsense firewall is a good alternative for your home network router. It can even replace the high-end commercial routers at the enterprise network as well. Moreover, it is open source and free too. Unless you are opting for support from netgate. Can I install pfSense on Ubuntu? Pfsense is an open-source firewall based on FreeBSD operating system, and since …

How To Set Static IP On Ubuntu? (GUI and CLI)

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If you’re using Ubuntu Dekstop or server, and one day you decided to change the IP address of your ubuntu machine from automatic (DHCP) to static configuration. how do you achieve that? If you are using Ubuntu with GUI, it is pretty straightforward, but what if you don’t have GUI and the only option that you have is to configure …

How To Install And Configure SNMP on Ubuntu?

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If there is no SNMP protocol, monitoring the Network hosts would have been difficult tasks for the admins. SNMP is a protocol that helps you identify the host availability with many parameters such as network health, hardware resources such as CPU utilization, memory storage, etc. In this blog, let’s discuss how to configure SNMP on an Ubuntu server and specific …

How To Take VM Snapshots In KVM?

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When I started to work with KVM,  I used to ask myself a question How do I backup and restore a KVM VM?, or How do I revert my virtual machine to its old state, when things go wrong while I am making some changes. In the beginning, I used to copy the image from default libvirt default directory /var/log/libvirt/images/vm.qcow2 …

5 Easy Steps To Configure SNMP on Redhat Linux or CentOS

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The other day I was working on adding some of the Redhat servers into production for monitoring. I also got the SNMP community string from the team that is managing the monitoring tools as well. I was very confident that I even informed them that I would configure the SNMP on the server in another 5 mins :). Do you …

nuage underlay network setup

How to create Bridge and Vlan’s in Linux – Nuage SD-WAN lab Part – 2

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What is the underlay and Overlay network? When it comes to Nuage-SDWAN there are two types of networks that we have to use. First one is called the underlay network and the second one is called the overlay network. The underlay network is nothing but our traditional network which would help us to connect all the network equipment. Once the …

How To Install Windows 10 on Ubuntu KVM?

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I love Ubuntu, especially when I wanted to work with python programming, But I also love windows 10 because of its GUI and the vast variety of software support. In the last blog, I covered how you can install windows 10 on Centos/Redhat KVM. But in this tutorial I going to cover the Debian derivative Ubuntu. And the steps mentioned …

ubuntu kvm install

How To Install Ubuntu Desktop On KVM?

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I have a CentOS machine but there are times I would wanted to switch from CentOS to Ubuntu, how do I do that ? You can have a dual boot with both the Centos and the Ubuntu but if you wanted to switch from Centos to Ubuntu then you would have to shut down the Centos and during the boot …

centos 8 installation on vmware workstation

10 Easy steps to install CentOS 7/8 on VMware workstation

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I have covered few blog posts about installing VM’s such as Centos, Ubuntu, Windows on different hypervisors. However, the installation of CentOS 8 on the VMware workstation was totally different story. When the CentOS 8 came out I thought let me spin up the CentOS 8 on my VMware workstation. Guess what ?, The installation didn’t succeed. during the installation …

install ssh and basic network utilities in ubuntu

How to Configure SSH Acces on Ubuntu? – SSH & SCP.

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There are few features that are not available out of the box in Ubuntu. One such feature is SSH. If you ever install Ubuntu on your machine and expect the ssh to work by default, it doesn’t. You would get an error message that says ‘The remote system refused the connection’ Also if you try to open winscp on your local machine and …

5 easy Steps to change the display resolution in Linux

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When you install Redhat Linux enterprise or a CentOS on a server, by default, it takes the display resolution as 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768. Also, when you go to display settings and try to modify the display resolution, you would be disappointed to see that there are no options available to increase the display resolution either from …

How to transfer files from windows to Ubuntu

How To Transfer Files From Ubuntu To Windows?

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I recently installed Ubuntu on my VMWare workstation pro, and I realized that I need to transfer some files from my windows host machine to the Ubuntu Guest OS and vice versa. There are many ways you could transfer files from linux to windows . Lets look at the simple and easiest ways to transfer files between windows and Ubuntu. …

4 easy step to install CentOS on KVM

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CentOS is one of my favorite Linux distros, I have been using them for quite a while for my labs as well as in POC’s. If I have to do some testing in the Redhat production servers I would prefer to use Centos as an alternate as both are identical and configuration looks the same and Centos doesn’t require a …

10 Easy Steps To Install Windows 10 on Linux KVM

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I usually use the windows vm machine as a jump server inside my labs, that way I can move around the files and stuff quickly, sometimes I install the windows machine on the ESXi host else I would install it on the KVM.  For some, they wanted to use windows machines on their Linux box. They can either install a …

How To Install Ubuntu On VMware Workstation 15/16?

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When you are a network engineer or a developer, you may want to test your skills in a virtual environment rather than playing with your machine or production environment. Because you never know what could go wrong. What is VMware Workstation pro? VMWare workstation pro is a Software program that would let you install different operating systems, be it a …

How To Install Ubuntu On VirtualBox In Windows 10?

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If you are using a MAC or Windows 10 as your operating system and wanted to try out a Linux operating system. And you are wondering what is the best Linux distribution out there that you can start with. The answer is Ubuntu desktop, it is a very popular Linux distribution that you can try out if you want to …

[Solution] You need at least 8.6GB disk space to install Ubuntu. The computer has only 2.0GB

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I was working on a topology where I had to add a Ubuntu desktop client to simulate the end-user machine. I tried to install Ubuntu on the KVM hypervisor. Downloaded the Ubuntu ISO file, moved the Ubuntu-desktop ISO file to /var/lib/libvert/images folder on the KVM server I was working on. Selected network configuration and started the VM installation. There were …