10 easy steps to install ubuntu 19.04 on VMware workstation 15

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When you are a network engineer or a developer, you may want to test your skills in a virtual environment rather than playing with your machine or production environment. Because you never know what could go wrong. What is VMware’s workstation and Fusion? VMWare workstation pro is a Software program that would let you install different operating systems, be it … Read More

How to create Bridge and Vlan sub-interfaces in Linux – Nuage SD-WAN lab Part 2

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nuage underlay network setup

What is the underlay and Overlay network? When it comes to Nuage-SDWAN there are two types of networks that we have to use. First one is called the underlay network and the second one is called the overlay network. The underlay network is nothing but our traditional network which would help us to connect all the network equipment. Once the … Read More

[Solution] You need at least 8.6GB disk space to install Ubuntu. The computer has only 2.0GB

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I was working on a topology where I had to add a Ubuntu desktop client to simulate the end-user machine. I tried to install Ubuntu on the KVM hypervisor. Downloaded the Ubuntu ISO file, moved the Ubuntu-desktop ISO file to /var/lib/libvert/images folder on the KVM server I was working on. Selected network configuration and started the VM installation. There were … Read More

5 Steps to change the display resolution in Linux

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When you install Redhat Linux enterprise on a server, by default, it takes the display resolution as 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768. Also, when you go to display settings, you would be disappointed to see there are no options available to increase the display resolution either. You can change the display resolution RedHat and centos machine by following … Read More