How to Install OPNsense on VMware Workstation?

Saifudheen Sidheeq Networking, VMware

The Opnsense is a free, open-source firewall that you could use on your home or small enterprise networks. It does the job really well; unlike pfSense, Opnsense is entirely open-source. When you want to test this opnsense firewall, the best option is to build a lab with it or replace it with your home router. In the last article, we …

How to Configure Port Forwarding in VMware Workstation?

Saifudheen Sidheeq Virtualization, VMware

Port forwarding is the best way to allow external users to the internal network in the networking technology. And the port forwarding in the VMware workstation is not so different. Instead of allowing the external users on the internet, the VMware workstation allows external users on the local network to the specific port you mentioned on the Virtual machine. You …

centos 8 installation on vmware workstation

10 Easy steps to install CentOS 7/8 on VMware workstation

Saifudheen Sidheeq Linux, Virtualization, VMware

I have covered few blog posts about installing VM’s such as Centos, Ubuntu, Windows on different hypervisors. However, the installation of CentOS 8 on the VMware workstation was totally different story. When the CentOS 8 came out I thought let me spin up the CentOS 8 on my VMware workstation. Guess what ?, The installation didn’t succeed. during the installation …