Best way to Stream VLC videos on your local network

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The VLC media player is great if you wanted to watch videos on your computer, tablet, or even on your smartphone. And the best part about this media software is that it not only play videos locally it also helps you play videos over the network, meaning you can make your local machine as video server and stream the videos. Moreover, it is open source too.

In this blog, we are going to make our local machine as a VLC streaming server and play videos in two different methods.

  1. Playing VLC stream on the Ubuntu VM
  2. Playing VLC stream on Android phone with hotspot enabled.

Let’s get started.

Prerequisite for VLC streaming

  • Any Operating System installed as VM in VMware workstation with VLC in it. I am using Ubuntu with VLC in it. You can install VLC using the Ubuntu Software Center.
  • Android phone with hotspot access and VLC installed on it as well.

Playing VLC stream on the Ubuntu VM

Let’s go ahead and start with the first method, which is Playing the VLC video stream on a Virtual machine. To begin with, you would have to enable the VLC streaming on your local computer.

How to enable video streaming using VLC?

Step1. Open VLC and click on Stream.

open stream in VLC software

Step2. Add the video that you wanted to play and click on the stream

add the video that would like to stream on vlc
  • There is nothing much in here on the next screen, Click next.
Select the vlce video streaming source file

Step3. On the Destination setup, select UDP and click on Add

VLC video streaming with UDP

Step4. On the Add menu, you would have to enter the IP address of the destination VM, Ubuntu VM in our case. let’s go ahead and get the IP address of the Ubuntu VM

  • You can get the IP address of the Ubuntu VM by going to the terminal and type ip addr
getting the IP address of Ubuntu to play vlc video stream
  • In our example, the IP address is, enter the same on the add screen.
  • And leave the port number as default and click on next.
add the vlc stream port number as default

Step5. On the next screen Uncheck the Activate transcoding and leave the default profile and click on next.

diable Activate Transcoding for VLC stream
  • Click on Stream now, and your video streaming start to play now.
Generated stream output string for VLC streaming
  • The Video would start streaming now with a black screen unless you clicked on Display output local.
VLC streaming now started

Access the VLC video stream on Ubuntu VM.

Step1. Open VLC and click on Open Network stream

playing vlc stream video on VLC ubuntu

Step2. on the network URL type udp://@:1234, click play

enter the network url for the vlc video stream
  • You can see the videos start playing now.
the VLC video started to play successfully now.

Playing VLC stream on Android phone with hotspot enabled.

The same way we played the video stream on Ubuntu VM, you could do the same on the Android phone as well with the VLC app. Follow the steps below to do that.

Step1. On your Android phone, enable wireless hotspot.

Step2. Connect your local machine to the hotspot wifi.

Step3. On your local machine Go-to Command prompt and type ipconfig.

You should be able to see the IP address of your local machine ( and the default gateway (, which is the IP address of your Android phone.

Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi:

   IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
   Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
   Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Step4. Now enable the VLC video streaming pointing to the Android phone.

  • Instead of using the IP address of Ubuntu VM, which I showed earlier, use the Android IP address this time.
enter the android phone IP address for the VLC stream to send the video
  • On your Android phone, click on stream in the VLC app
click on stream on VLC app on your android.
  • and type udp://@:1234
enter the network url for the VLC stream on your VLC app android
  • Hurray!, the videos start to stream now on your Android phone as well.
VLC streaming started to play successfully on your android phone