nuage underlay network setup

How to create Bridge and Vlan’s in Linux – Nuage SD-WAN lab Part – 2

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What is the underlay and Overlay network? When it comes to Nuage-SDWAN there are two types of networks that we have to use. First one is called the underlay network and the second one is called the overlay network. The underlay network is nothing but our traditional network which would help us to connect all the network equipment. Once the …

nuage VSD login screen

Nokia Nuage SD-WAN Lab- Nuage VSD installation steps – Part 3

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In my previous blog, I covered the underlay network setup for Nuage in KVM. In this blog, I am going to cover the Nuage VSD installation lab guide and on the next part of the blog, we would go through the installation of the nuage components one by one. What is Nuage VSD (Virtual Service Directory) Nuage VSD or Nokia …

nuage controller installation

Nuage SD-WAN Controller (VSC) deployment – Part 4

Saifudheen Sidheeq Nuage-SDN, SDN

In our last section of the Nuage sdwan lab setup, we had installed VSD, which is the nuage networks VNS management plane. In this section of the lab guide, we would go ahead and install a SD-WAN controller known as VSC (Virtual Service Controller.) Wha is Nuage VSC ? VSC is the Nuage SDN’s controller, which guide or inform the data …

Creation of Nuage SD-WAN gateway (NSG) in VSD – Part 6

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How you install the traditional network devices?A skilled technician would go on to the site to deploy the router and connect cables on them and make sure everything is working.But how to implement SD-WAN gateway? You cannot install SD-WAN gateway in our case NSG (Network Service Gateway) just like that. You would have to do a process called NSG bootstrapping …

nauge proxy server diagram

Nuage Proxy server deployment – SDWAN lab -Part 5

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Yes, we are almost there to get everything up and run.! I am building this lab for you guys and at the same time, writing this post, that way I hope everything would be accurate. In this lab, we are going to install the Nuage proxy server, also known as nuage utility VM, so let’s get started. Why Nuage SD-WAN …

The overlay and underlay network lab using SD-WAN

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I have covered what is VXLAN and the differences between the overlay and underlay network here, in this blog we are going to take a look at the overlay and underlay in action using nuage sd-wan lab. The underlay network topology. Below is the actual underlay network, The Branch 1 NSG is connected to two WAN links both from internet …