4 Easy steps to download the windows 10 ISO image.

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Many people asked me lately where can they get the windows 10 iso image, and in this blog I am going to show you how you can downloads windows 10 iso image directly from Microsoft.

Note : Though you can download the image for free, you will have to use your own license key later on.


  • Good internet connection.

Steps to download the windows 10 iso file.

If you are using windows click here.

For non-windows users click here

1. Download Microsoft download tool.

Go to Microsoft site here, click on download tool.

This is not the iso file, this is the program that will let you download the ISO file to either USB or to your local drive.

Download windows 10 image

Choose the location where you wanted to download the file and click on Save, I choose my download folder for this.

Download windows 10 image from microsoft.

2. Open the Download tool and accept the license agreement.

Once the software has downloaded click on Open.

Open Microsoft download tool

This will open up the Windows 10 setup wizard, which says Getting a few things ready. Just wait for few mins on this window.

Windows 10 download is in progress

You will now be presented with a license agreement, click on Accept.

Accept windows 10 iso license aggrement

3. Select Create installation media and the Windows architecture.

Next you will get a two option you either wanted to upgrade the PC or create installation media. of-course I am not going to upgrade my PC so I choose Create installation media and click on Next.

Choose what to do with the windows image.

Choose the Language and the Edition and Architecture that you wanted to download.

Choose windows 10 version to download.

4. Download the ISO file after choosing the media.

Now you get an option to choose which media to use, I will download the ISO file to my PC so select ISO file and click on next.

Use windows 10 iso media

You will be asked where you wanted to save the file, select desired location and click on Save.

Download the windows 10 iso image to your pc

This will start downloading the windows 10, now and you can also see the progress in the same windows.

Windows 10 iso download is in progress

Once the download is completed you can see the windows 10 ISO file in your saved location,
You can use this image to re-image your windows PC or use it for the creation of windows 10 VM.

Windows 10 iso download is now completed.

Download instruction for non windows users.

If you are using a MAC or Linux then it is very is easy, you may click on the link here

Then you will have to choose the edition of windows that you would like to download.

Click on Confirm and choose the desired language and confirm again.

Now you will be presented to download the windows 10, click on desired version it would start the download automatically.

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