Discover the difference between overlay and underlay networks – Part-8

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The overlay and underlay networks are quite difficult to understand at first but it is pretty easy, in this blog lets go over the differences between underlay and overlay networks also do a lab to make more sense. This is also the continuation of the nuage SD-WAN lab setup. Initially, I thought I would just install all the Nuage SD-WAN … Read More

Nuage NSG bootstrapping – Part 7

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Nuage NSG at the branch

Even though we have virtual Nuage NSG, let’s think for a second that we have got a brand new NSG’s at our branch locations and we are going to deploy them as Branch 1 and two like below. 🙂 1.Creation of NSG in an Enterprise. The first step for the NSG bootstrapping is to create an NSG in the enterprise. … Read More

Nokia Nuage SDWAN Controller (Nuage VSC) deployment – Part 4

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In our last section of the Nuage sdwan lab setup, we had installed VSD, which is the nuage networks VNS management plane. In this section of the nuage lab guide, we would go ahead and install a nuage SD-WAN controller known as VSC (Virtual Service Controller.) We would be using two SDN controllers for high availability. One would be acting as primary, and the other … Read More

How to create Bridge and Vlan sub-interfaces in Linux – Nuage SD-WAN lab Part 2

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nuage underlay network setup

What is the underlay and Overlay network? When it comes to Nuage-SDWAN there are two types of networks that we have to use. First one is called the underlay network and the second one is called the overlay network. The underlay network is nothing but our traditional network which would help us to connect all the network equipment. Once the … Read More